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by Suhail Ahanger


Take some edible food (rice, bread etc) and make a paste of it by adding water. Make three parts and add Vinegar to one and Potassium Sorbate to the other and nothing to the third. Watch what happens over 2-7 days.

    • Use adult supervision while chopping the vegetables/fruits.

    • Do not ingest any of the food items.

  1. Dice vegetables like carrot, cabbage, potato, radish etc
    • Dice vegetables like carrot, cabbage, potato, radish etc

    • Make a juice out of any fresh fruit. Here we've used apple juice.

    • Take potassium sorbate and water in 1:3 ratio respectively, by volume.

    • Take a small quantity of potassium sorbate. A bottle cap or even a tablespoon will be ideal for this experiment's purpose.

    • Mix them well using a spoon to make the solution.

    • Take the food you intend to experiment with (here cabbage) in three different containers.

    • Pour 1/2 tea-spoon of potassium sorbate solution in one of the three samples and mix .

    • Pour 1/2 tea-spoon of vinegar in another sample and mix.

    • Leave the third container untouched.

    • Repeat the previous step for the other vegetables/fruits you've chopped.

    • Do not forget to label the containers with the kind of preservative used.

    • Alternatively, you can mix a few fruits and vegetables together to make a salad and then add the preservative to it.

    • Take the fresh fruit juice in three different containers and repeat the previous steps.

    • You could use any edible liquid to experiment.

    • Adding too much or too little preservative.

    • Avoid using certain processed foods like tetra pack juices / confectioneries / baked food items etc as they already contain preservatives.

    • Download or copy the tabular columns in your note book.

    • Observe for change in odour, colour and formation of fungi in each sample every day and record your observations in the table.

    • One tabular column has been partially filled for your reference. Fill the remaining columns and tables accordingly.

    • The following pictures show the status of food on Day 1:

      • a) without preservative

      • b) with vinegar and

      • c) with potassium sorbate

    • Similarly, this is the status on Day 2

    • And Day 3

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