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by Procheta Mallik


Flexagons are flat models, usually constructed by folding strips of paper, that can be flexed or folded in certain ways to reveal faces besides the two that were originally on the back and front.



Video Overview

  1. Take an A4 size paper
    • Take an A4 size paper

    • Fold the paper into half

    • Then fold one of the corners to the edge of the opposite side of the paper to create a right-angled triangle plus a rectangular strip below

  2. Cut off this extra rectangular strip
    • Cut off this extra rectangular strip

    • Unfold the right-angled triangle and notice a rectangle made up of 2 squares; i.e. length:breadth is 2:1

    • Again fold both the edges along the mid line to get a long doubled up rectangular strip.

    • Fold the strip in half to get the halfway line

    • Fold the edges to the halfway line to get the quarter lines

    • Fold the edges to the quarter line to get the 1/8th lines on both the sides

    • Take one edge and crease it to one fold to get 1/8th on the other side of the half. Repeat with the other edge.

    • Strip will be divided into 8 equal parts

    • Fold the paper in the middle leaving the open line outside

    • Draw a rhombus at the centre and 2 diagonals joining 4 corners

    • Repeat the same on the other side of the fold.

    • Tear one eighth of the strip off

    • Now sharply crease all the 10 slant lines with the help of a ruler

    • Tuck one section of one end into the other end to make a prism

    • Your prism is ready

    • Fold half diamonds on all sides to the inside

    • Fold 3 diamond-shaped petals to the inside on the top and bottom

    • Flexagon is ready to flex!

    • The folds and creases need to be neat and precise throughout

    • How many triangles are visible and what type of triangles are they?

    • Can you make a bigger model?

    • Observe if the direction of pictures are appearing in the same direction while continuously flexing for a long time

    • Can you make a flexagon with 3:1 or 4:1 ratio of sides?

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