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by Suchitha Vishwa


Flexagons are models, usually constructed by folding paper, that can be flexed to reveal multiple faces in a cyclic manner. Here, we make a 4 faced flexagon. Stages of Food Chain are explained using this flexagon.


    • Scissors should be handled with care

  1. Take a printout of a Food Chain
    • Take a printout of a Food Chain

    • Cut along the corners using scissors

    • You will have a rectangle as in the picture

    • Fold the rectangle along the middle lines.

    • Take one edge and fold it to the mid of the central line

    • Repeat the same for the other edge

    • Now you will get a doubled up rectangular strip

    • Now crease along all the 10 dotted slant lines

    • Sharply crease the dotted straight lines

    • Insert one folded edge which has arrow mark in to the other folded edge

    • You will get a closed rectangle

    • Try folding 3 corners to look like a prism

    • Fold half diamonds on all sides to inside and press the edge

    • Fold diamond-shaped petals inside on the top and bottom

    • Flexagon is ready and try flexing

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