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by Procheta Mallik


Mix iron filings and sulphur powder and separate the two using magnet. Now heat the mixture and again try to separate using magnet.

    • Heating should be done under adult supervision.

    • Heating sulphur releases sulphur dioxide which must not be inhaled. Tie a cloth on your nose and mouth while heating.

    • Use a test tube holder or a thick cloth to hold the test tube while heating.

  1. Take out given  Iron filings .
    • Take out given Iron filings .

    • Take out given Sulphur powder .

    • Transfer the Iron filings and Sulphur powder in separate bowls

    • Take a magnet and check whether the Iron filings get attracted to it.

    • Transfer Iron filings to the other bowl and mix it thoroughly with the Sulphur powder.

    • Bring the magnet close to the mixture and observe what it attracts.

    • Transfer the iron filings-sulphur mixture to a Test Tube.

      • Fix the test tube in a test tube holder if you have one otherwise hold it using a thick cloth.

    • Heat the contents of test tube till it turns into black mass .

      • If you are holding the test tube using a cloth, make sure the ends of the cloth are far from the flame.

      • Do not inhale the gases which are released while heating. If you are susceptible to catch respiratory diseases like asthama, tie a cloth covering your mouth and nose.

    • Pour out the black mass in a bowl .

    • Move a magnet over the black mass. You would observe that the black mass does not get attracted to the magnet.

    • Heat until the colour changes to black.

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