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by Procheta Mallik


Drop some Magnesium pieces into vinegar and feel the temperature.



Video Overview

    • Do not touch or ingest the solution.

  1. Take out the given vinegar and magnesium ribbon .
    • Take out the given vinegar and magnesium ribbon .

    • Pour vinegar into the test tube.

    • Check the temperature of vinegar in the test tube using a thermometer.

    • To the same test tube, add magnesium ribbon.

    • You will notice bubbles fizzing in the test tube.

    • Bring the test tube near your ear and listen to the hissing sound .

    • After some time you will observe that the magnesium ribbon has completely disappeared!

    • In essence, the magnesium reacts with the vinegar (acetic acid) to form a salt (magnesium acetate) - which is soluble in vinegar - and hydrogen (the bubbles!)

    • Measure the temperature again, this time with the magnesium ribbon added to vinegar.

    • You will observe that the temperature has increased.

    • Listen to the hiss sound when magnesium is present in the test tube, because after the magnesium disappears there is no sound.

    • Write down the chemical reaction.

    • Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?

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