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by Procheta Mallik


Take a few drops of propanol on a cotton piece and rub it on your hand. Observe what you feel. Try this with other cosmetics containing alcohol like nail polish, after shave etc.

    • Tweezers should be completely insulated with aluminium before using in fire.

    • A small flame is sufficient; candle flame is preferable for conducting the experiment.

    • Use candle/flame under adult supervision.

  1. Take a piece of cotton and 20 ml of propanol.
    • Take a piece of cotton and 20 ml of propanol.

    • Dip the cotton in the propanol and rub it on the back of your hand.

    • There should be a cooling effect on the region where you applied the propanol.

    • Try the same with water; how does it feel?

    • Add 10ml (2 teaspoons) of water to a small bowl.

    • Add 10ml of propanol to the same bowl and mix it.

    • This alcohol solution may evaporate quickly, so make sure the required remaining materials are available at hand

    • Take a piece of paper, around 4cm X 2cm in size, and dip it in the solution for a minute.

    • Using tweezers (which you can make), lift the paper and burn it on a lit candle flame.

    • The paper should immediately catch fire and burn for a few seconds before extinguishing, leaving the paper intact!

    • Why does the paper not burn fully? Can you feel if it is wet or dry in the end? What role do the two liquids play?

    • Make sure the cotton absorbs an adequate amount of propanol before applying on your hand

    • Don't leave the propanol and water solution exposed for a long time, as the alcohol will evaporate fast and degrade the solution quickly.

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