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by Suhail Ahanger


Saline water is more dense than fresh water. Here we conduct a small experiment to show how an egg sinks in fresh water, but floats on saline water!



    • Ensure the egg shell stays intact throughout the experiment.

    • Wash Hands with soap after handling eggs.

    • Storing eggs for too long without proper refrigeration will spoil it.

  1. Collect a fresh egg.
    • Collect a fresh egg.

    • Fill the cup with fresh water from tap.

    • Put an egg into the cup of water. Fresh egg being high in density, it should sink in the cup of water

    • Add Salt to the cup of water and stir it well. Wait for some time for the salt to dissolve.

    • Add about 2 Tablespoon of Salt / 100 ml of water you use.

    • Saturated Salt solution is necessary for the egg to float.

    • Put an egg into the cup containing salt water.

    • Now, the egg should float in Salt Water. This is due to the fact that Salt Water is more dense than the egg.

    • Egg would have got spoilt due to which egg floats even without adding salt.

    • What happens if you put an old egg in the cup of water?

    • Collect a fresh egg each week for three weeks and put it in different cups of water. Compare their relative depth.

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