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Minor Versionm

by Procheta Mallik



    • Handle Glass vessels with care

    • Wear gloves when handling chemicals

    • Do not consume or inhale potassium permanganate

    • Wash your hands with soap after handling chemicals

  1. Fill the Beaker/Transparent vessel with water
    • Fill the Beaker/Transparent vessel with water

    • Using Dropper, slowly introduce milk in drops and observe the "mushroom" cloud like formation.

    • This phenomenon is due to the difference in densities of milk and water.

    • Dissolve small amount of potassium permanganate in water to make solution in a separate vessel.

    • Fill the Beaker/Transparent vessel with water.

    • Now introduce the potassium permanganate solution in drops into the vessel using dropper and observe the pattern of "mushroom" clouds

    • How much time it takes for the "mushroom" clouds to settle down ? Observe and record individually for milk and potassium permanganate solution

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