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by Suchitha Vishwa


Make a pair of tweezers using ice cream sticks and aluminium strips. Burn a magnesium ribbon, or anything else, by holding it using the tweezers on a candle flame.



    • Scissors have functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Always keep blades away from fingers and body. Handle with care.

    • Be careful while handling metal tape, it may cut the skin if handled improperly.

  1. Start by cutting one of the curved edges of each ice-cream stick.
    • Start by cutting one of the curved edges of each ice-cream stick.

    • Keep the cut-off pieces, they will be used later.

    • Now tape the two sticks together at the uncut end. Secure with two or three turns with the tape.

    • Extend the tweezers with your fingers, such that there is a small gap created in between the sticks, just after the tape joint.

    • Wedge one of the pieces cut off earlier into the space after the tape joint. This will serve as our fulcrum.

    • Make sure the fulcrum piece is recessed into the frame of the tweezers, and does not fall out easily.

    • Take the metal tape or alternatively you can use thick aluminium foil.

    • Now cut out two pieces 3 cm in length from the tape.

    • Peel away the paper layer of the tape to reveal its sticky surface.

    • Take the peeled tape and place it below one of the arms of the tweezers and fold it over. This will make a metal cap at the end of the arm, that wraps around it.

    • Now repeat the tapping process for the other arm. The tweezers are now done.

    • You can use the tweezers to hold sharp pieces of metal or burn things with a candle flame safely.

    • If the tweezers aren't opening and closing smoothly, you can try increasing the size of the fulcrum piece and pushing it further to the back of the tweezers.

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