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by Procheta Mallik


Make two holes in given ice cream stick. Double binding wire, twist and insert through the two holes in the ice cream stick. Now make a loop of the binding wire where the test tube can be placed. Twist the binding wire to tighten the test tube.

    • Be mindful while using scissors and the test tube.

    • Careful while twining the binding wire; be careful of its pointy ends

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  1. Take a wooden spoon and make two holes within the concave part of the spoon, about 1.5 cm apart.
    • Take a wooden spoon and make two holes within the concave part of the spoon, about 1.5 cm apart.

    • Be gentle in making the holes otherwise you will end up breaking the spoon while twisting the scissors.

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    • Take the binding wire of length about 30 cm and bend it at the centre .

    • Press the edge of the binding wire with a pair of cutting pliers near where the loop is formed.

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    • Now pass the ends of the double-folded binding wire through the two holes to form a loop.

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    • Bend the sharp edges and make a small loop.

    • Make small hooked ends by bending both the thin wires as shown in the picture.

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    • After the test tube is correctly placed inside the loop, start twisting the loose ends of wire together.

    • The binding wire has to be tight enough so that the test tube is held properly.

    • Note that the test tube will get a bit heavier when there is stuff in it; so it's important that the twining is firm enough to hold it even then.

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    • Too many twists in the binding wire, which may lead to breakage of binding wire.

    • Test tube falling through. Wire not twisted tight enough.

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    • Fill some water and check if the test tube holder can bear the weight.

    • In the 13 ml test tube you have, how many grams of water can you fill? What about mercury?

    • Try making the test tube holder using an ice cream stick instead of the spoon.

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