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by Suhail Ahanger

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    • Handle Acidic substances with care.

    • Wash hands thoroughly after conducting the experiment.

  1. Divide the A4 size sheet of paper into into 3 equal parts along the longest side. The width of each part is 7 cm.
    • Divide the A4 size sheet of paper into into 3 equal parts along the longest side. The width of each part is 7 cm.

    • Crease the lines and cut the paper along those lines into 3 equal parts with the help of a ruler.

    • Divide the length of one of the cut parts in to 20 equal parts by making equally spaced marks.

    • The dimension of an A4 paper is 29.7cm x 21cm.

    • Place the remaining two parts of the paper beneath the part that is already marked.

    • Start cutting all of them along the marked lines.

    • This will give you 60 paper stips.

    • Take 2 table spoons of turmeric powder and mix it well in a cup of water.

    • Dip all your paper strips in turmeric solution.

    • After the paper strips are soaked well( for 5 minutes) , leave it to dry.

    • After the yellow litmus papers have dried up you can use a few of them to test for base.

    • To make litmus paper that tests for acid, take the remaining dry yellow litmus papers and dip them in a basic solution (here Ca(OH)2). The paper turns RED.

    • Note: The above step confirms the test for base and at the same time these red strips will be used for testing for acid as well.

    • Now dip those red strips in turmeric solution again.

    • Leave it to dry.

    • Now you have RED and YELLOW litmus papers that can be used to test for ACID and BASE respectively.

    • The yellow litmus turns red when dipped in base

    • The red litmus turns yellow when dipped in acid.

    • Soaking the paper strips for too long could damage the paper.

    • The turmeric solution is not concentrated enough.

    • The red litmus paper turns white after a while if it's not dipped in turmeric solution after dipping it in base.

    • What happens when you dip the yellow litmus paper in acid first and base next?

    • What happens when you dip the red litmus paper in base first and acid next?

    • What's the difference between a litmus paper and pH paper?

    • Is there another way to make your own litmus paper?

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