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by Suhail Ahanger


Wind given copper wire around nail and connect the two ends of the wire to given battery. Test the nail for magnetism. Disconnect it from battery, heat the nail and check if it is still magnetic.

Video Overview

  1. Take a 60 cm copper wire and wind the copper wire on Iron Nail .
    • Take a 60 cm copper wire and wind the copper wire on Iron Nail .

    • Remove the insulated coating at both ends using sandpaper.

    • Wind the copper wire around the nail in one direction.

  2. Stretch the cycle tube and place AA Battery .
    • Stretch the cycle tube and place AA Battery .

    • Insert the two ends of copper wire to the two terminals of the battery .

    • Place the Iron Nail end of electromagnet near to the iron fillings.

    • The iron fillings gets attracted to the nail due to magnetism , the iron nail acts as magnet when the current flows through copper wire .

    • Make sure the insulation coating on copper wire is properly removed at the end.

    • It is recommended not to keep the electromagnet attached to battery for longer time as it will get heated up.

    • What will happen if the number of turns of copper wire around the Iron nail is increased?

    • What happens if iron wire is used instead of copper wire?

    • What happens if Batteries rated at higher voltages are used instead of standard 1.5V battery?

    • What will happen when you change the direction /poles of battery in an electro magnet?

    • Replace the core of electromagnet i.e. iron nail by thicker iron nail and observe if there is any difference.

    • What will happen when you wind one half of copper wire in one direction and the other half of the copper wire in reverse direction? Will it affect the performance of electromagnetism? Why?

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