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by Kailash NR

Video Overview

    • Use the scissors with caution.

    • Do not ingest the glue.

  1. Trace the inner circle of the CD on a white sheet using a pencil.
    • Trace the inner circle of the CD on a white sheet using a pencil.

    • Trace the outer circle next.

    • Cut along the outer circle as shown in the picture.

    • You can use a pen or anything else available to make the marks.

    • To cut the inner circle:

    • Fold the circle in half, and cut the semi circle that is formed as shown.

    • After folding, try pressing down only in the centre near the small circle so that you don't form crease lines.

    • Take a set of crayons/sketch pens, and make a colour wheel on the circle as shown.

    • The colours are V - violet, I - indigo, B - blue, G - green, Y - yellow, O - orange, R - red.

    • VIBGYOR - The pattern of colours found in a rainbow.

    • Fill in the colour wheel with the respective colours.

    • Now stick the paper wheel onto the CD with the help of glue.

    • Look at step 7 for different patterns.

    • The marble needs to be placed in the middle of the CD.

    • Apply glue along the inner circle.

    • After attaching the marble, let it dry for a while.

    • Push the marble into the hole after applying glue and hold it there for 5 - 10 seconds.

    • Turn around the CD, and apply glue in the back to make it more stable.

    • Some other patterns that you can make instead of the VIBGYOR one.

    • You can create your pattern - try using a lot of colours!

    • Hold the top and spin!

    • Make sure that the inner circle hole is not too big or not too small - as the marble will either fall out or not fit in at all.

    • If the marble falls out during a spin, just use some more glue and stick it back in.

    • Do you observe different results when using lighter colours instead of darker on the colour wheel?

    • Is there a difference in result if you use the same colours as in the regular one but not in the pattern on VIBGYOR?

    • Try using a coin instead of a marble - what will happen?

    • Spin the device slow, and then fast - what differences do you notice?

    • Using a stopwatch, measure how long the CD spins for.

    • If you use a smaller CD, does it spin for faster and longer?

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