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by Procheta Mallik


Chlorophyll does not dissolve in water, but does so in alcohol. So here we heat alcohol to extract chlorophyll from a leaf

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    • Don't leave burner unattended, while boiling water/propanol

    • Propanol (alcohol) is very volatile and flammable so keep away from naked flames

    • Test tube should be handled with care

    • Please do not ingest any of the materials

    • Make sure to hold the test tube with a tong/holder when placing it in hot water

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  1. Pluck a leaf from a tree or plant for the experiment.
    • Pluck a leaf from a tree or plant for the experiment.

    • Boil about half a litre of water in a vessel on a burner and add the leaf to the boiling water

    • Take the leaf out of the vessel using a tong after 3-4 minutes of boiling

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    • Take 5-10 ml of propanol in a test tube

    • Add the boiled leaf to the test tube.

    • Lower the test tube into the vessel in which the water is boiling.

    • Hold the test tube with tongs/holder for 2-3 minutes in the boiling water to allow the alcohol to also start boiling

    Comment by vishal:

    You may want to say - surgical spirit or ethanol or propanol.

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

    • Let the green pigment leach out of the leaf into the alcohol; you should notice a beautiful deep green colour!

    • The leaf turns pale; you may remove it from the alcohol with a pair of tongs

    comments by vishal:

    The leaf is looking fresh green in the photo, not pale :-).

    Procheta Mallik - Reply

    • Take red-coloured and brown-coloured leaves and try removing chlorophyll

    • Try removing chlorophyll only using water without using propanol. Can it be done? Why do you think alcohol is used?

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    • Good healthy leaf should be taken

    • Leaf should be boiled adequately so that after removing it from propanol, the leaf looks pale/dull

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