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by Procheta Mallik


Make a paper mache model of the brain by sticking coloured papers, depicting the different segments of the brain, on an inflated balloon

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    • Use the scissors with caution.

    • Do not ingest the fevicol.

  1. Inflate the balloon from this end until big enough to make a bowl shape that sits on your head.
    • Inflate the balloon from this end until big enough to make a bowl shape that sits on your head.

    • Tie a knot using cotton thread so that the balloon remains inflated.

    • Place the balloon on a stand similar to the one in the picture (tape roll).

    • If a stand is not accessible, then you can stick the balloon to the edge of a table with the help of tape.

    • In a new cup, fill water until the mentioned mark.

    • Then add glue to the water as shown in the picture. The glue and water should be in a 1:1 proportion.

    • Mix the glue and water together using an ice cream stick, and getting rid of lumps.

    • Instead of mixing water and glue, you can also mix flour and glue for a thicker consistency.

    • Tear the newspaper into pieces roughly the size of the blue rectangle.

    • Apply the glue mixture using an ice cream stick on to the pieces of newspaper.

    • You can also use your fingers to apply the glue, or any other tool like a spoon.

    • After applying the glue mixture, stick the newspaper on to the balloon.

    • Continue doing this until you fill the top of the balloon with these newspaper pieces.

    • If the newspaper does not stick properly on to the balloon, just apply more of the mixture once you place it on the balloon and even the paper out.

    • Keep sticking the newspaper pieces until you just pass the point where the balloon starts curving inwards. Look at the red arrows for an example.

    • Now take the white A4 sheets, and tear it into pieces just like the newspaper and make a final white layer on top of the newspaper.

    • It is okay if you do not use white paper in the end and leave it with thick enough newspaper layers. White paper gives a finer finish.

    • Leave the balloon undisturbed now for 2-3 hours in the sun until completely dry, or overnight.

    • Lift the balloon up from the stand and turn it around.

    • Unwind the thread keeping it inflated, but pinch the balloon as shown so as to not let it deflate immediately.

    • Pinch the balloon before you remove the thread so that you don't deflate it by mistake.

    • You can also use a very thin pin to poke the balloon - this way it will deflate slowly on its own.

    • Let the air out of the balloon slowly, so that the shape of the bowl remains intact.

    • Do not worry if some of the newspaper pieces on the inside start to come out a little bit when they separate from the balloon. You can stick them back with a little glue.

    • Once the balloon completely deflates, remove it from the bowl.

    • Trim the edges using a scissors to have a neat finish.

    • Draw marks on the cap as shown in the pictures - this is to divide the lobes.

    • Take any four colour sheets, and cut them into tiny pieces and start applying glue.

    • Each division will be associated with one colour to represent that lobe.

    • Cut the pieces in a way to fit the lobe best.

    • Once you stick the colour sheets as shown in the pictures - Label them too!

    • Frontal Lobe - Problem Solving, Thinking, Memory, Behaviour, Movement

    • Temporal Lobe - Hearing, Feelings, Learning

    • Parietal Lobe - Sense of Language, Perception

    • Occipital Lobe - Vision

    • Where do the lobes fall when you place the cap on your head?

    • Can you research further about how each lobe is divided into parts. Example: Parietal lobe is responsible for sense of language and perception - which part falls where?

    • Can you identify important parts of the brain such as 1) Brocas area 2) Sensory strip 3)Wernicke area

    • What forms the cerebrum and the cerebellum?

    • What would you do to show the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere?

    • If the pieces of paper are not sticking, you can try adding more glue to your mixture to help the adhesiveness.

    • If the pieces of paper are not aligning with the division lines of the lobes - just cut the extra part with a scissors.

    • If the bowl is not solid enough after drying - just ass two or three more layers of newspaper and leave it to dry for some more time.

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