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by Vishal Bhatt


In pairs play the following game: throw a tennis ball at your friend from a distance of 2-3 metres and have her/him catch the ball. Now do the same by asking your friend to do the same by closing an eye (you may use a blindfold/eye-patch for 1 eye instead if winking). What is easier: catching with both eyes open or is one enough? Now repeat the same game by changing roles


No parts required.

Video Overview

    • Avoid using a hard ball.

    • Don't throw the ball hard

    • Do not throw the ball at each other's faces .

  1. Take the plastic garbage bag and fold it into a square
    • Take the plastic garbage bag and fold it into a square

    • Loop 6 rubber bands into each other as shown in the picture

    • Create a rubber band chain

    • Make 2 holes on either side of the folded garbage bag

    • Insert one end of the rubber band chain into one of the holes, with the help of scissors

    • Cut the loop on the other side and tie a knot

    • Do the same on the other side of the square, with the other end of the rubber band chain

    • First person throws the ball to her/his partner

    • Your partner catches the ball easily as both eyes are open

    • Close one of your eyes with the eye-patch/blindfold made

    • Do not try and wink one eye shut or close with one hand, as those will hinder the point of the experiment

    • This time the catch is dropped!

    • Repeat the experiment by exchanging roles

    • Make sure the ball is thrown each time without much change in intensity and trajectory

    • Make sure external factors like wind and elevation do not influence the motion of the ball

    • Perform the same experiment for 5 trials with one eye closed and 1 trial for both eyes open, at different distances. Use the table given.

    • Is it harder to catch the ball with one eye closed? Why?

    • Does it become easier if you do not change your position for several tries before closing one eye and keeping both open?

    • Increase the distance between the two players to more than 18 feet. Does it become easier to catch the ball even though one eye is closed?

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