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by Procheta Mallik


Archimedes' Screw or Screw Pump has been used to lift water to higher levels since ancient times. Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) is the traditional inventor of this device, which was originally used for irrigation in the Nile delta and for pumping out ships.

    • Handle Scissors/Cutter with care.

    • Ensure their is no leakage in either the plastic bottles or rubber pipes.

  1. Take a PVC pipe of length 25 cm.
    • Take a PVC pipe of length 25 cm.

    • Take a foam sheet ( 30*15*0.5) and glue one surface of it.

    • Roll the foam sheet on the PVC pipe and hold until the edges of the foam sheet stick to the pipe.

    • Firmly hold the PVC pipe and tape the open edges of the foam together.

    • Tape one end of the rubber tube to the PVC pipe .

    • Roll the tube around the PVC pipe in a helical shape, and keep gluing/taping as you go along

    • Glue/tape the entire tube along the entire length of the PVC pipe

    • Tape the far end of the rubber pipe on the PVC pipe.

    • Take 2 PVC pipes of length ~6 to 7 cm .

    • Attach an elbow to one end of one of them

    • Attach the other elbow to the other end of the pipe.

    • Attach the other pipe to either elbow

    • Cut out the extra foam piece from one end of the PVC pipe and remove it so that you can attach the elbow of the handle to the PVC pipe.

    • Now attach the "handle" to the PVC pipe.

    • Take two empty 2-litre plastic bottles and mark the sides as shown such that one of the sides is slightly higher than the other.

    • Cut the marked regions using a cutter.

    • Use scissors to cut the marked regions.

      • Use a cutter for the initial insertion and then the scissors to cut along the marked line.

    • You now have a bottle with two sides cut in a U- shape where one of the sides is higher than the other side. This is your "Output Reservoir"

    • Take another bottle and mark one side of the bottle as shown.

    • Use a cutter for initial insertion

    • You now have the second bottle with one of the sides in the bottom half cut out.

    • Take coloured water and pour it in the second cut out bottle

    • Fill the bottle till the brim of the cut out region. This now acts as an "Input Reservoir"

    • Place a stone in the first bottle so that the bottle is heavy and sturdy enough to hold the handle assembly.

    • Take a small foam piece ~(9.5 x 1) sq. cm

    • Place this foam piece half way around the first bottle cutout ("Output Reservoir") and press it hard into the edge of the cut bottle so that you get an imprint of the cut region on the foam piece.

    • Now using a cutter, cut along the imprint formed on the foam piece.

    • Tape the ends of the foam piece on the "Output Reservoir".

    • Take another foam piece (9.5 x 1) and repeat the previous step of the first bottle cutout .

    • Repeat the previous steps for the Input Reservoir

    • Place one end of the "Archimedes Screw" in the Input Reservoir and the other in the Output Reservoir, at an inclination.

    • Slowly rotate the screw and observe the water being pumped from the lower end of the pipe to the higher end.

    • Ensure the tape doesn't get unstuck!

    • If the cutout of Input and Output reservoir are small then enlarge the reservoirs accordingly.

    • The rubber pipe wound around the PVC pipe should not unravel. Ensure the rubber pipe is glued to the PVC pipe.

    • The base of the Output Reservoir must be heavy so that the Archimedes Screw doesn't fall when the handle is turned.

    • The end of the rubber pipe placed inside the Input Reservoir should not be protruding as that would obstruct the walls of the reservoir when the screw is turned.

    • How many turns are required to pump water from the input to the output reservoir?

    • Observe and record the water level being pumped from input to output reservoir during each turn.

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