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by Vishal Bhatt


This experiment will demonstrate an age old mechanism, the siphon!

    • Exercise caution when using paper cutter

    • Make sure you conduct the experiment in an area where you can drain the water.

  1. Take a plastic bottle of volume 1litre
    • Take a plastic bottle of volume 1litre

    • Using paper cutter, cut the bottle in half.

    • Light a candle.

    • Expose one end of the metal wire to the flame.

    • Make sure your fingers are not too close the flame. You could risk a thermal burn.

    • With heated metal wire, make a hole in the middle at the base of the bottle.

    • Make the hole big enough for the straw to go in.

    • Insert the long bendable straw into the bottle through the hole.

    • It is important that the articulated portion of the straw should be inside the bottle.

    • Push the straw through the hole till the top end of the straw is level with the top of the bottle.

    • Use enough glue to seal the bottle-straw interface.

    • Wait for the glue to dry.

    • Bend the straw at the point of articulation.

    • Steadily, add water to the bottle.

    • First, bring the water to a level that is right below the articulation.

    • Notice how the water has not started to flow yet.

    • Then, continue to pour water such that the level is over the articulation.

    • The water starts flowing down the straw

    • See the siphon in action!

    • The straw is not properly glued to the bottle.

    • The straw was not bent enough at the point of articulation.

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